Sibelius 150: A Window to a Finnish Mind

Year 2015 was the 150 commemoration year of Jean Sibelius and to celebrate this great composer Aeon Duo dedicated an innovative concert around his beautiful works for violin and piano as part of the official Sibelius150 year events. The event took place on the 26th of March at 7 pm in the Finnish Church in London (33 Albion Street, SE16 7HZ). The concert was a unique chance to hear pieces that are not often performed and through them Aeon took the listeners into a journey to Sibelius's Finland. The program included a premiere inspired by Sibelius from Eduardo Andrade Azanza, a vibrant young composer and an award winning pianist currently living in London.

Photography competition: "The Essence of Finland" 

The pieces of the concert are going to be performed alongside 7 winning pictures. These can be photographs of anything related to Finland, e.g. the nature, landscape, buildings, people or pictures that somehow seem to capture the feeling of Finnish culture and must be submitted under the title "The Essence of Finland". The 7 photographs will be selected by Aeon Duo and will be posted to Facebook for public voting. The three most liked pictures will receive a composition written specifically to the picture by composer Andrade who has twice composed for pictures exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery of London. The pieces will be recorded by Aeon Duo and sent to the winners privately in digital format.

Contest procedures:

The contest will start on  the  9th of January at 5:00pm and will close on the 9th of February 5:00 pm. 
7 pictures will be selected considering two aspects:

  • Quality of photography
  • Relation to the title "The Essence of Finland"


  • The 7 selected photographs will be projected during the concert to a specific piece of the program. 
  • The winners will get a single free ticket for the performance.
  • All the winners will get credits in the printed concert program and mentioned in the Facebook Page and this website.

Pictures can be submitted to The email should contain the following information:

  • One single photograph to be considered to the competition (.jpeg format, preferably in high resolution)
  • Short paragraph explaining the relation of the picture to the title
  • Contact information: name, country/city and email address

By submitting you grant Aeon Duo the rights to project the picture during the concert and to post it in Aeon Duo's Facebook Page for the voting purposes.