Mexico-UK 2015: "Rhythms of Mexico"

"In order to promote a deeper understanding between our societies, the Governments of Mexico and the United Kingdom have decided to celebrate throughout 2015 the "Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom" and the "Year of the United Kingdom in Mexico". We believe that this Dual Year is a right way for many more productive businesses to capitalise on the level of interaction that has been achieved between our two countries and to promote further bilateral exchange and cooperation." (

Aberdeen International Youth Festival

Aeon Duo participated in the AIYF 2015 during  July with a series of performances to bring Mexican traditional and folkloric music to the people of Aberdeenshire. They performed wearing mariachi and Jarocho costumes brought from Mexico and introduced each piece by explaining the geographical and cultural origins. The program "Rhythms of Mexico" consists of arrangements and medleys done by Aeon Duo and combines internationally known pieces such as "Besame Mucho" and "La Bamba" with pieces that are better known in Mexico.

Aeon Duo performing at His Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen as part of the Variety Gala (Copyright Photoshop Scotland)


In August 2015 Aeon Duo performed the program in Kotka, Finland. Kymen Sanomat was really supportive and published this article about the concert.

Performance in Langinkoski Church Kotka, Finland